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Secure Data. Secure Business.


No matter how we help you with your operational business – either by a penetration test, a code review, or even a full blown source code analysis – afterwards you will know exactly where and how you are in terms of security and what next steps to take.

But remember: this is just a snapshot at a particular point in time, in a specific version of one of your products currently used, on your specific infrastructure components. Though we wouldn’t mind being regularly mandated by you for tests, reviews and analysis, there are clearly more sustainable approaches. Security is a process that starts with your employees:

First, train your developers, administrators and executives. Create awareness, offer workshops and seminars for secure software development, architecture, rollout and operation – if desired, in accordance with your own privacy and compliance requirements.

Then, develop appropriate guidelines for engineering and policies for the management, so all stakeholders can successfully apply and live these insights and experiences day-to-day. Finally, you could expand these into a comprehensive secure software development life cycle.

Generally, the security bar should be raised to match your actual needs (and a little bit higher never hurts).

Where ever you need to go, we are happy to help you get there.

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